I was out yesterday evening in a local park at sunset …….. I was simply sat gazing at the sun setting over the pond in the picture when I was suddenly struck by the profound thought …….


That which gives form to everything ….. is the same as that which gives form to myself …… that which breathes life into me ….. the energy that holds all my particles together ……. is the same for EVERY THING in existence …….

The thought touched me deep inside to the point it needed sharing …… and I haven’t felt like I had much worth sharing for a looonng time ……..

I hope you enjoy the image ……. maybe gaze at the sun a little bit and receive some of its energy ……… but mostly I hope the sentiment hits you and lifts you ….. even if just a little today

With Love

Shell 💖

4 thoughts on “Oneness

  1. Hi there, long time no post. I do hope you are well. I’ve just assumed that life has raced away with you; as it has with me. Although, I’ve managed to keep up some activity on my own blog.

    Anyway, I trust you’re well and enjoying life. Best wishes. Ragatagjack😊


  2. A lovely photo and very simple but deeply profound insight. I agree, it can be quite mind blowing when one is hit by thoughts like that. Thank you for sharing.

    And stay in those moments for as long as you can….they’re important and healing.😊

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