10 Steps to Peace Within – Aine Belton

It seems time is super elusive lately and I’ve not managed to sit still long enough to write but read this article yesterday and thought it beautifully written by Aine (as always).

I decided to share in the hopes of bringing more Peace and Self Love to the fore because EVERYBODY needs Peace and Self Love.

Hope you enjoy – here’s the link to The Global Love Project Website:


With Much Love Shell x

10 Steps to Peace Within

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1) Acceptance
Take a moment to accept yourself, life and others just as you/it/they are.
With acceptance comes peace, and transformation. What you accept you more easily let go of and release; it’s what you resist that persists (and judgement only compounds what it judges).
Accept yourself for exactly who and where you are right now; the good, bad, ugly, light and dark, strengths and weaknesses, beauty and ugliness…
Acceptance brings peace and creates the space for greater love, and for letting go, getting back into flow, and embodying more of who you are.

2) Letting Go
Holding on to anything, be that a person, situation, resentment, expectation of how things should be, the past, etc., can stand in the way of peace.
What can you let go of today for greater peace?
Perhaps it’s a belief, attitude, habit, fear, guilt, pain, righteousness, shame, blame, control, judgement…
Letting go always creates the space for new birth in your life.

3) Forgiveness
Forgiveness of self/others is like a mind-body-soul detox that can liberate you from toxic emotions and draining attachments. Forgiving yourself can also help heal and release guilt and feelings of undeserving that can otherwise block inner peace.
There can be stages with forgiveness, as with grief. You may want to process feelings, allow time for healing, and so on. Trying to forgive through a wall of anger, for example, likely won’t work.

Honour where you’re at in any process, and know forgiveness is always there for you as an immeasurably healing gift.

4) Suspend Judgement
Judging others, or yourself, separates you from love and always stands in the way of peace.
Having an opinion isn’t the same as judgement. Being Judgemental (towards yourself or others) has a harsh energy that can be hurtful.
What you judge in another may be something you secretly judge in yourself that you have yet owned and are projecting outwards, or what you have yet forgiven another for in the past and the trigger is recurring. Use judgements to become more conscious of yourself and any inner beliefs, repressed emotions, unhealed parts, areas to forgive, and so on.
The more you love and accept yourself, the less you will judge others and the more peace you will find.

5) Trust
Trust is an obvious ally to peace and anti-dote to fear that can so often stands in the way of that peace.
Trust in yourself. Trust in love, your love, and the love the universe has for you. Trust in your heart’s desires and intentions. Trust in your power as a co-creator. Trust in the positive outcomes of your dreams. Trust that you are on a co-creative journey and that there is love, help and guidance available to you in every moment. Trust that you are loved more than you know, more than you will ever know!
Trust brings with it a sense of ease, confidence, and faith, and lessens fear and any desire to control or have things be a certain way, allowing life to manifest in a way that more serves you.
If there is an area of your life you are fearful or doubtful around, lean into trust, get a sense of it, embrace it, let it support you.

6) Feeling your Feelings
Stuffing down feelings can obviously block peace. You may get a sense of temporary relief in the moment, but those feelings won’t have disappeared, and repression can lead to anxiety, addictions, numbing, and disconnection from self. Obviously there are times not feeling your feelings and a level of repression can be a coping or survival mechanism with very traumatic and painful experiences, but in a more general sense, feeling feelings can allow healing and bring peace.
I’ve no doubt you’ve experienced the deep sense of calm that comes after a big emotional release. Accepting and embracing whatever feelings are present can help them discharge, dissipate, and move through you to be released.
Rather than repressing, trying to control or judging your feelings, honour them and learn from them about what’s going on inside. If they are negative or uncomfortable, what thoughts, beliefs or stories might they be arising from?
Expressing your feelings (cleanly, i.e. not dumping them on another) brings healing and release. By this I don’t mean wallowing in them or giving them over attention and looping them round if that doesn’t serve you.

7) Meditation
Meditation has so many known benefits mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically and is an obvious peace inducer. It helps your conscious ‘monkey mind’ to still, settling your energy, and bringing you back to centre. You can become more conscious of your body and emotions whatever is going on within, bringing greater awareness and self-intimacy. Constricting energy and stress can dissipate, you can ground yourself, connect to your heart, and be more open to inner truth and wisdom.

8) Taking Responsibility
Responsibility brings freedom and empowerment, with which comes peace. It can shift you out of victim mode, blame and resentment, all of which block peace. The more you take responsibility for your life, the more able you are to transform it.
When you blame and complain you remain the same; responsibility brings freedom and change.
You create or allow your experience on some level, whether you are in any way aware of the hows, roots, and whys of that.
You may never know why something happens, and that’s OK. You can still take responsibility.
Becoming aware of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and choices that are impacting your self and reality can also help you take responsibility.

9) Know You Are Loved
You are loved by people in your world, by your Higher Self (the spiritual being that you really are beyond this life-time’s and personality’s experience), and you are loved totally and unconditionally by the heart of creation, whatever name you hold for that. If you don’t walk a spiritual path, imagine there is a you within you that loves you totally and unconditionally. This love is available to you in every moment. Affirm your willingness to receive.
The universes love has existed for you always. You may forget this love, but this love will never forget you.
There’s nothing you need do to win that love and nothing you can do to lose it either.
You are loved more than you will ever know, beyond reasons, you are loved beyond seasons, unconditionally, eternally, you are loved.

10) Love
Sharing your love is one of the most rewarding life experiences. Locking it up and withholding it can obviously bring suffering. Love lies at the heart of who you are, and separation from it at the root of troubles and pain.
Open to the love within. Let it move through you, be felt, be voiced, be expressed, be shared. Let it flow to where it wants to flow, within and without.

♥ Aine Belton

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