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Reaction To: Why Reading is a Modern Day Super Power ……by James Radcliffe


Today I read a thought provoking article by James Radcliffe (here is the link) about why reading is a modern day super power; whereby he gives seven reasons why people SHOULD read. It was beautifully written and made some salient points. His seven reasons, I thought, were brilliant and got me to thinking of the value in reading for therapeutic effect. Much is written about the benefits of therapeutic writing for the anxious and depressed but rarely about ‘reading’ as a beneficial activity. Here are the reasons I have concluded (so far) that reading could be useful as therapy. Please feel free to add your ideas in the comments section; if you wish. Thank you 🙂

  1. Stress Relief – Reading offers escapism – a chance to forget your woes, if you will. If you can find a good novel that draws you in, it will indeed take your mind away from the chitter chatter of thought streams (or in my case the eternal internal bully). Hopefully the novel or whatever essay/article/poetry you’re reading will engage your mind fully enough to forget your worries for a little while ……hence relieving stress. A valuable tool in today’s crazy paced life; the act of sitting in serenity and focusing the mind on something other than negativity or what you feel you ‘SHOULD’ be doing. The very act of escaping your troubles (hopefully) would lift you up, even if only for a short while – I think reading is hugely beneficial as a way of unwinding. Do you agree?
  2. Knowledge – We all know knowledge is power and as James states – there is a written and published solution to practically every human issue – I myself have tirelessly searched and found much information on self-help for anxiety and depression – I dread to think the place I’d still be in had I not been able to search information and ‘help myself’ toward healing.
  3. Creative Imagination – When you read your brain is engaged in imagination……….the words you read create images in your mind, you build the ‘picture’ of the story. It improves your concentration and indeed your own imaginative juices are brought to the fore, a point well made by James in his eloquent post. The more you read the better you become at writing and articulating yourself because your imagination and concentration are increased.

I believe that Stress Relief, Knowledge and Creative Imagination are all useful skills to develop in the healing/alleviating of mental health issues ……..what are your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you – I always love to learn new perspectives from others : )

Be Blessed Friends and Have a Wonderful Day/Night!

Re-Post – More Food for Thought on This Subject ……… 17 reasons why avid readers are happier – Thank You Thought Catalog for your post 🙂



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