Hellooooo World

Hellooooo World

Welcome to Shell’s Shizzle 🙂

I guess you’re thinking “so what’s it all about”???

Well; I don’t know…………………….. the hokey cokey???  I think someone said to me once that the hokey cokey is what it’s all about ……..

Anyway; I’ve started this blog because I’m now a redundant Mommy and if I don’t occupy my time usefully I might get loads of cats and start wetting myself!

Daughter’s in Aberystwyth Uni – Son’s a trainee electrician and has left home …………………NOW what am I supposed to do? ……… no stinky bedrooms or dirty socks to collect…..

YES – it’s transition time – I’ve done the first half of life and contributed new workforce hamsters, sorry members, to the population and now it’s time for something completely different.

So; Shell’s Shizzle will be a personal journal of my new life as an officially grown up (pah lolol) Crone!!

I RECENTLY READ THAT IT’S A GOOD IDEA TO COLLECT GOOD IDEAS………….. AND THEN SHARE THEM –  some of what will be posted here shall be good ideas – useful things that I find or learn that may help other people.

You will also find random ranting, musing, photography (I love photography), my poetry (if I dare), posts about health and wellness, maybe even cooking/recipes, spirituality and any general shizzle that amuses me and hopefully YOU.

I’m starting a new journey and I’m sharing it ………………that’s all folks!


Shell's Shizzle
Shell’s Shizzle

20 thoughts on “Hellooooo World

  1. Hi there Shell, do hope this finds you and that you are well. Seems to be 12 months since your last post. Hope life is good for you and that that is the reason you haven’t been posting. Take care now :0)


      1. Hi Shell, good to hear from you. So sorry you’ve been in a dark place. A year is a long time to be stuck in a deep hole. I do hope some shafts of sunlight managed to break through sometimes. My own blogging has been a little intermittent of late. I joined a local writers group early last year, and find that helpful with the discipline. They are all very friendly and encouraging. I do hope that life is a lot lighter for you now; I know it can be tough at times. Take care😊

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    1. Bless You – Thank you for noticing ….
      Peaks and troughs have been a way of life for me …… but I’m back in the land of wanting (and being able) to connect with other beings again. It’s been dark but the sunshine is returning. Hope all is well with yourself.


  2. Hi Shell! I’m in that empty nest transition time too… I have two daughters, 23 and 21. One is living on her own working and the other away at college. Not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I’m glad I did! Nice to meet you, Jenny

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    1. Nice to meet you Jenny 🙂
      Yes, it’s a strange time isn’t it – I feel redundant …. lost all purpose for a while there. I have other ‘issues’ that have made it difficult to move forward but moving forward I am – thank you so much for becoming part of that journey – I am also going to follow your journey; keen to see what you are doing/writing – thank you for your kind comment – Bless you x

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  3. Hi there, I’m just working my way through the WordPress tutorials and the tag I used brought up your blog, among others. I’m hoping to use WordPress to publish a memoir I wrote back in the early 90s. I guess it could be classed as therapeutic writing. I wrote it during a very difficult period in my life. I figure it might be helpful to people going through similar experience. However, at this stage I’m not too sure how to link people to it. I’ve posted it in “pages” on my blog, you may be able to find it. It could make uncomfortable reading for some though, as it is rather, “warts and all”. There’s a couple of poems in there though. :0)


    1. Hi – Thank you for the comment – I shall try to find it in your blog and re-post or link to it for you. Sounds like an interesting read. I love that you intend for someone else to take comfort in your story. That’s amazing – I love to share the love. I’m new to blogging myself, I believe it’s the TAGS you use that will get your post to the right people…… Have a great day 🙂


      1. Let me know if you can’t find your way into my Pages section. Also, my memoir is very frank and could make uncomfortable reading for some people. Please don’t force yourself to read it and by all means get back to me with any comments or questions. Cheers:0)

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      2. Is it the blog with my first post, or is it just labelled “about” followed by some sample text?


      3. Ok, thanks for that. Something is wrong somewhere. At the moment I haven’t a clue what. If there’s a menu there; try looking for “Pages” and click on that. Otherwise check in a couple of days to see if its sorted; or we’ll be here all day. LoL! :0)

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